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County order includes ‘Voluntary Stay Safe at Home’ policy

Today at noon, a “Local Emergency Management Purpose Order” went into effect for all of Clinch County, implementing a “Voluntary Stay Safe at Home” policy.

The order was signed by Clinch County Commission Chairman Roger Mettts, and went into effect today (March 31) at noon, and will end at noon on April 30.

The order implements: 

• A “Voluntary Stay Safe at Home” policy. 

This requests that individuals “not loiter, wander, stroll or plan in any public place” unless there is an emergency; they are travelling to or from work; engaged in vehicular travel; walking or running for fitness purposes; or getting food or medicine.

• A prohibition on gatherings of more than 10 people, except in the cases of an office, childcare facility, residential building or shelter, hospital or health care facility, or grocery store, or retail establishment.

• All indoor facilities for recreational or entertainment purposes be closed.

The county order doesn’t include any punishment if the order is violated. 

The order is similar to an emergency ordinances passed last week by the cities of Homerville and Fargo. The Homerville City Council’s ordinance, though, included a10 p.m.-5 a.m. curfew, with exceptions.

You can read the order in its entirety below: 

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