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County vows action on $166,000 in late trash bills

By Len Robbins




The Clinch County Board of Commissioners promised to take action to collect over $166,000 in delinquent trash bills at Monday’s regular monthly meeting.

“We’ve got to do something about this,” said Commissioner Henry Moylan, after estimating that 20 percent of the county’s trash customers have delinquent accounts. Moylan suggested having the county send a strongly-worded letter from the county trash collection office, promising to put the names of delinquent trash account holders in the newspaper if payment wasn’t made by a certain date. County commissioners agreed to start the collection process with the letter of warning, as well as phone calls, then follow with more measures to those who don’t pay on their delinquent account.

In other action from the meeting, held at the county commission office Monday, commissioners:

• Approved the meeting’s agenda and minutes from their March meeting.

• Approved a list of six names to submit to the Clinch Memorial Hospital Authority as potential board members.

The authority will then choose two from the list, or ask the county commission to submit more names. The people submitted were Steven Bush, Kay Hinson, April Tinsley, Martin Register, John Tomlinson, and Courtney Tolle.

• Approved Lee Lane to a vacancy on the Region 9 EMS Board.

• Approved an amendment to the LMIG 2021 list.

County Administrator Jaclyn James said Whisperwood Lane is being taken off the list because one landowner didn’t want to the road to be paved. The commission decided to replace that road with Brooks Road in Dupont and Country Lane, and use what funds were left over to patch portions of Antioch Church Road. 

• Approved amending the county’s noise ordinance and also its zoning ordinance.

County Attorney Chad Corlee said the change to the noise ordinance involved a change in timing. He said the changes to the zoning ordinance concerned where a racetrack can be located, and will require advertisement of the changes and a public hearing before they are finalized.

• Approved amending the engineering contact with Statewide Engineering for the 2020 and 2021 LMIG projects.

• Approved the low bid by Littlefield of a little over $576,000 for the paving of roads in Locklier Plantation, Lisa Road and Travis Lane. James said she was told construction on the projects would start “fairly quickly,” probably within the month.

• Approved declaring chairs from the courthouse as surplus, and start the process of selling them.

• Discussed a request from the Argyle Fire Department to have turkey shoots in the fall next to the recreation park. Commissioners agreed that would create a problem with houses nearby.

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