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Ben & Blake’s Excellent Adventure podcast – May 27, 2019

Looking for something to binge-watch? Then you need to check out this episode of Ben & Blake’s Excellent Adventure. Lots of great recommendations for all tastes.

In this edition of the podcast, Ben & Blake discuss the following topics: They discuss popular series on Netflix and other streaming services (5:26); Ben, Blake and guest Len Robbins reveal their TOP 5 Netflix series; funny news stories (1:23:30); Entertainment options from around the region (1:26:50). This podcast is produced by AIR Publications and sponsored by Acme Pharmacy of Homerville. Join us next week for another episode of Ben & Blake’s Excellent Adventure podcast!

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  1. Hayden Tanner on May 27, 2019 at 9:12 pm

    Love the podcast!!! Keep it up!! And maybe you need a feature 😉

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