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More sexual charges added for former substitute teacher

A former substitute teacher in the Clinch County Schools is facing more sexually-related charges.

Tuesday, Kevin Lance McLaine, 60, of Homerville, was charged with one count of sexual battery, two counts of improper sexual contact by an employee, and one count of computer pornography. He was booked at the Clinch County Sheriff’s Department.

These charges follow McLaine’s arrest earlier this month on a child molestation charge, allegedly involving a five-year-old Clinch County Elementary School female student.

The dates on the booking report indicate a March 7, 2018 incident that led to the sexual battery and improper sexual contact by an employee charge. According to Clinch County Sheriff’s Department Investigator James Smith, the March 2018 incident involved an adult female student at Clinch County High School.  The November 12, 2018 incident that prompted the other improper sexual contact by an employee charge involved a 5th-grade female student at Clinch County Middle School, according to Smith’s report. The date of the computer pornography charge is October 8, 2019. Smith said that a search warrant led to the discovery of child pornography on McLaine’s phone.  Smith said more charges could be pending, based on further forensic examination of the phone.


The school system released a statement from Superintendent Dr. Lori James on McLaine’s arrest today. In part it read:

This is a follow up to the notice that was sent to parents on January 8th concerning an investigation of Kevin McLaine, a former substitute teacher.  While Mr. McLaine has not been a substitute since December 20, 2019, we have continued to work with law enforcement in the investigation of any misconduct or illegal activity by Mr. McLaine.  After further investigation, the Clinch County Sheriff’s Department has arrested Mr. McLaine for two other allegations of inappropriately touching students.

Mr. McLaine was placed on the substitute teacher list in January 2017 and was called on various school days to perform substitute duties in all of the schools in our system.  I understand the allegations will concern anyone whose child might have had contact with Mr. McLaine. You are encouraged to talk with your children about the situation, and if they report anything inappropriate whatsoever, please contact the Clinch County Board of Education immediately at 912-487-5321 or Detective Smith of the Clinch County Sheriff’s Office at 912-487-5316.



The full statement can be found on




  1. Johnnie Gilliard on January 21, 2020 at 5:40 pm

    You send your children to school because that is the rule or so they say. You expect them to be safe you have to trust the Educators. My question is Do you do background checks on substitute teachers or even the teachers , principals, or janitors for that matter? I can only say Thank you God I do not have a child in the Clinch County Schools anymore

    • Snd2a on January 21, 2020 at 7:17 pm


    • Jeanette Edwards on January 22, 2020 at 8:05 am

      To Johnnie Gilliard & others: First of all, I am not being negative or attacking-just sharing some information and truths. Having been a former Clinch Co School System employee for 28 years and a part time employee in two neighboring school systems for 10, I can tell you yes, absolutely, each and every person employed by our school system and others have to have a background check. Administrators rely on what is known and on file in these background checks to make employee decisions! Not ALL information is in these reports, because there have never been charges! I know for a fact, this is crushing the hearts of our school personnel. I pray the public will have more faith in our school system. If you have never had the responsibility of keeping children safe, you have zero idea the burden and challenge to do so! I encourage support and prayers for all!!

  2. Sarah Tucker on January 22, 2020 at 10:00 am

    This man is evil and believe God will give him everything he deserves. People like him do not belong around around anyone’s children. Especially, a school! My question is? Who allowed this evil man around our precious children?

  3. Bobbie Moore on January 24, 2020 at 11:48 pm

    I can understand the part about if someone hasn’t been charged with a crime yet and it doesn’t show up on a criminal history report but homerville is a small town and if the law had any idea about this man even without charges,then why would he be allowed to be anywhere around kids especially at the schools. And they knew something happened in 2018 so why was he still on the substitute list and why were there no charges. When was the background check done? Glad my son is 15.

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