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Ben & Blake’s Excellent Adventure podcast – December 4, 2019

What are the five best albums of the decade? In today’s podcast, Ben & Blake share theirs.

Also in the podcast, Ben & Blake discuss: Countdown to Star Wars (11:55); Mandalorian recap (15:58); New Daredevil movie rumors (23:48); Ace Ventura 3 (29:06); Black Widow trailer drops (25:36); Pearl Jam tour with the Pixies (31:40); Ben & Blake’s recommendations this week (34:30); Top 5 Albums from 2010-now (41:35); and What’s Happening in entertainment in our area (1:05:23). This podcast is sponsored by your hometown pharmacists at Acme Pharmacy in Homerville. THANKS FOR LISTENING and HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY!

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