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Ben & Blake’s Excellent Adventure podcast – November 12, 2019

What’s your favorite “sleeper” movie? A movie that’s underrated or maybe only popular with you?

This week, Ben & Blake share theirs, and also discuss:  Disney’s new streaming service is live (9:45); Haunting of Hill House 2 news (17:30); 25th anniversary of Saved by the Bell (21:15); New Pixar movie (25:30); 20 shows that could replace Game of Thrones (27:30); Ben & Blake’s recommendations for the week (37:54); their Top 5 “Sleeper” movies (42:45); and a look at what’s happening in area entertainment (1:08:10). This podcast is sponsored by your hometown pharmacists at Acme Pharmacy in Homerville. THANKS FOR LISTENING!

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