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Behind The News podcast – March 7, 2019

In this week’s Behind The News podcast, Len Robbins and Blake Pittman discuss a community meeting in Lanier County (3:45); talk about the apprehension of a fugitive in Douglas (8:46); report what happened with the Clinch County Pantherettes playing in the Class A basketball semifinals (10:38); delve into a recent Willacoochee City Council meeting (14:27); report that Atkinson County High dismissed two of their coaches (18:45); discuss the upcoming District 176 runoff election (20:59), set for Tuesday, March 12; and Len applauds our local state senators (22:12). Thanks to our sponsors – Rascals, Lutz, Brown, Peagler & Manley Insurance Agency in Homerville, Roberts Milling Company, and The Shack Cafe and Country Cabin restaurants in Atkinson County. Join us next week for another episode of Behind the News!

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