Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Wants to collect delinquent trash bills

County Commission OKs
garnishing wages for
delinquent garbage bills

County residents with a delinquent garbage bill will be facing garnishment of wages in the future.
At Monday’s Clinch County Board of Commissioners meeting, the commission heard an update from Denny Barnard on the status of trash collections for county residents.  
The commission reviewed a long list of residents who owe trash bills totaling more than $100 and further heard an update from Barnard on the effectiveness of placing liens on property with large trash bills still owed.  Barnard informed the commission that liens have done little in the effort to recover the monies owed.
“We are at the point where we have to do garnishments,” said Commission Chair Debra Thomas.
The commission agreed and voted to start a garnishment list and send the list to the magistrate court to begin the action. The commission also agreed to give those on the list notice and allow them time to pay off their balance.
“We need to give them at least three months to catch it up,” said Commissioner Henry Moylan.
Other actions taken by the commission at the meeting, held at the county commission office, included:
• Heard concerns form citizen Carolyn Glaze regarding the intentions of the county to purchase scales for the county dump.  
Glaze told the commission that she is concerned that putting scales at the dump will increase prices for those taking off their trash, and the increased prices could lead to more people putting their trash on the side of the road.  
Thomas reminded Glaze that household trash is not supposed to be taken to the dump, and Commissioner Chad Brown further said that some people would actually pay less. Commissioners told Glaze that the county was losing a great deal of money and that installing trash scales at the dump will help in increasing the money collected for trash disposal.
• Approved hiring Albany Scale Company for installation of the scales, totaling $3,130, and hiring Tolle Concrete, Inc. for placing concrete slabs below the scales, totaling $7,982.  
The total cost for the installation of scales at the dump is $11,112.  The only other bid received by the county was from South Georgia Scales, Inc., which totaled $18,085.98 for laying the concrete and installing the scales.
• Approved the appointment of Leroy Burton to the Tax Assessors Board.
“I feel like I would be an asset to the board," Burton told commissioners.  "I am a property owner, have college degrees, have always paid my property taxes on time, and I am retired, so time off of work will not be an issue.”  
Burton also acknowledged his requirement to attend school and agreed that he is willing to complete the necessary education for the position.
• Discussed the need for appointment of a new person to the DFCS Board due to the resignation of Wanda Vest.
The board member would have to be a city resident and the board agreed to advertise the volunteer position in the paper to give everyone an equal opportunity for nomination to serve.
• Approved the reappointment of Lorraine Richardson to the DFCS Board.
• Approved the Proclamation of Georgia’s Manufacturing Appreciation Week, which will be from April 14 to April 18.
• Heard from Argyle Mayor Timothy King.
King requested information on the county’s ordinances regarding multiple residences hooked to one septic tank and potential zoning violations. King was advised of the appropriate ordinances to research.
• Heard an update from Thomas regarding revaluation by the tax assessor’s office.
Thomas informed the commission that she reached out to Chief Tax Assessor Pam Nelson and offered the help of commissioners to answer phones and handle daily routines in the office, if needed by Nelson to allow her more time to focus on the revaluation. Board members agreed to make themselves available to help if needed.
• Closed the meeting to discuss personnel and litigation.
• Approved the appointment of Clinch County Development Authority Executive Director ReKasa Hart and County Administrator Jaclyn James to the Southern Regional Joint Development Board.

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